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God has reserved specific revelation for the digital age. And it comes from the beginning, as we were told with Isaiah 46: 9-10. It is an overview of "the Divine Plan".

For over 3500 years the stories in Genesis and Exodus have been known to us. What was not known is that the words and numbers of Genesis act as essential data for what is possibly the most revealing and prophetic material in the entire Bible.

This eBook unveils the author's near 30 year examination of Biblical Creation from a diagrammatic perspective, exploring the mysterious Beginning of Genesis 1:1, showing the reason God included the dates of events keyed to men's ages from Adam to Moses entering the Land of Promise, explaining the need for differences between the text of Genesis 1 and 2 with a corrected perspective on Adam and Eve, offering a better understanding of the Days of Genesis 1 and illustrating the import of the Genealogy of Jesus through Mary as provided in Luke 3.

While most people continue to scour Matthew 24, the books of Revelation and Daniel to see what our future holds, it appears that Genesis contains the "glass" lens through which we can see it all more clearly.

This book's purpose is present you with that lens.

Biblical Creation: An Illustrated Autobiography

by Georgann Chenault

Biblical Creation: An Illustrative View
with the Forgotten Beginning

by Georgann Chenault

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discovery of a Biblical literalism no one can explain away

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